Maredo Steakhouse, Berlin

Maredo Group
Interior architecture
Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Electrical design
Heider Elektro GmbH
Berlin, Germany
Completed 2016

Maredo Gendarmenmarkt

The restaurant chain Maredo is founded in 1978. With close to 60 branches in Germany it is the market leader for steakhouses. To stay in their position during the current boom for burger and steakhouses, the chain decided to repositioning theirselves. Primarily they want to make Maredo more attractive for the younger audience and they want to accentuate their standard for quality and freshness. The new room concept first implemented in the branch „The Q“ in Berlin at the Gendarmenmarkt.


In the centre of the room are the meals. Under the head of a willful powerful lighting in the immediate vicinity of the entrance takes the open grill area and the salat bar place. The bar lit from below and the bonnet covered in brass give the spacious grill area a high quality look. They are part of the high quality demand Maredo has for the meat and its preparation.


The small pendant luminaries -in it’s form the abstraction of a sombrero hat- consist of a lamp tube which is matt powder-coated with a hammer tone and a round flat brushed bronze disk. This is a construction of special luminaries realized luminaire which has a narrow emit of 10° LED. The color of light gets warmer from 2700K to 2200K by dimming down. The distribution of light is spotlighted and apparent at the table surface. The light of the table surface is smoothly reflects back into the faces of the restaurant guests. This leads to a comforting overall ensemble.


Light only where it is needed: every 2er table with its own pendant luminaries, bar and counter area as well as the grill area, the service modules in each case with power track spotlights. No light in all other sections- therefore e.g. no corridor lighting. The contrasts between noticeable apparent light and non-light let small islands of light occur, which invite you to stay. Larger group-tables have decorative pendant luminaries to create a open atmosphere.


The ornamentation which is coined in rhombus und rectangular forms is borrowed from the traditional South American textile design. It can be found in the tile on the floor, as a wallpaper on the wall, in the structure of the planking of the counter and in the wooden coffered ceiling. The materials are mainly wood and leather, tree-trunks and ropes, which work as spatial filter, as well as the traditional iron grill are more references for the life, landscape and daily life of the gauchos.


All lighting components are controlled over a DALI control in a bond with a light control tableau. For the day and for the evening time there are different light scenes programmed. In the day especially the back parts of the room will be enlightened more intensively because they get less daylight. In the evening the whole lighting mood is dimmed- as a hopefully younger audience will like.

Maredo Steakhouse, Berlin Gendarmenmarkt