Art Cologne 2015

mvprojekte, Meyer Voggenreiter, Cologne

Koelnmesse GmbH, Andreas Hagedorn

Koelnmesse GmbH

Cologne, Germany

Realized 2015


The overall result was highly praised by the curators from Cologne and Miami and may find its imitation elsewhere next year.

In contrast to many other VIP areas at international art fairs, the Cologne VIP area presents itself as a compl. area designed in dark tones with a darkly kept, theatrical light staging.

The result is a harmonious, quiet space with a pleasantly attractive, relaxing atmosphere for hopefully making the right purchase decision or negotiation.

The central lighting element of the restaurant area is a large-volume light sculpture.

The untrained eye is tempted to believe that the sensed brightness comes from the light sculpture. This is not the case – each table was additionally illuminated with a narrowly directed light from a high-voltage halogen PAR piglight.

To cope with the very large volume of space in the VIP area, to counter it with something equivalent, we designed a “sea of lights” made of nostalgic incandescent lamps suspended from the hall ceiling.

In various places always above and around all the seating areas and the central bar, are thus created islands of light from incandescent lamps.

All surrounding wall surfaces were illuminated softly, almost imperceptibly, with powerful horizontal floodlights (surface floodlights).

The result can be well described as a kind of “light fog” that seems to have settled on these surfaces.