White Monkey Pizza Lab, Leipzig

Eric Laignel, New York City
Fransziska & Tom Werner, Leipzig

Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Marché International

Leipzig, Germany

Realized 2017

The pizzas are no longer round but long, cut with scissors and shared with friends.

Fairy lights scattered across the ceiling area and rough tile flooring evoke memories of balmy Italian summer nights spent outside drinking wine.

The cheeky white monkey as the name giver, who turns the conventional pizza world upside down with a wink and new ideas, presents himself as a likeable ambassador for the brand. It already welcomes the guest as a neon sign on the facade and then reappears in various guises, as a side table, lamp or signpost.

The lighting concept provides the appropriate room atmosphere at any time of day by using a wide variety of light sources – from a glowing monkey to a wide variety of pendant lights to a chain of lights.

The wall-sized collages pick up on the past with nostalgic motifs, then transfer them to the urban context with large-scale collages.

White Monkey ist ein lustvolles, lebendiges, manchmal verrücktes Konzept mit einer ungewöhnlichen, fast surrealen Gestaltung und einem ganzheitlichen Markenbild, das den Genuss, die Freude am Zusammensein und Lebensfreude in den Mittelpunkt stellt.