Drees & Sommer Headquaters, Stuttgart

Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

Drees & Sommer, Stuttgart

Stuttgart, Germany

Realized 2013

Drees & Sommer AG is an international service provider that focuses on the field of project control. The company is based in Stuttgart, Germany, and is represented at 35 sites around the world.

The redesign of its headquarters entails fundamental changes to the company’s working and communication structures. Given the large amount of time most employees spend outside the office, one aim was to break with the tradition of fixed workplace allocation and to establish a non-territorial workstation system.

The depth of the room and the resultant difficulty of illuminating it with natural light are counteracted by a sophisticated light and material concept.

The mixture of concentrated light above doors and dispersed light in the zones of movement ensures a varied yet function-specific lighting atmosphere.