City Hall, Schorndorf

Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Dirk Vogel, Dortmund, Germany
Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

City of Schorndorf, Germany

Schorndorf, Germany

Realized 2013

The town hall of the city of Schorndorf stands on the historic market square in the center of the old town – it is the “good parlor” of the city. It was built around 1730, today it is a listed building.

The renovation created a foyer with many uses, e.g. for tourist information and for events. Furthermore, there are two multifunctional halls: the large plenary hall and above it, as a built-in, the wedding hall.

Characteristic are the arcade windows in the basement, which used to be an open hall where the market was held.

Consequently, there are complex, different uses. The main concern of the architectural and lighting design concept is not to design and illuminate a multifunctional space that can do everything a little bit, but nothing really. It was about a solemn entrance and transparency, also to the plenary hall. Discretion should be established accordingly for non-public meetings.

An open, timeless and transparent architecture – and the lighting goes along with this forward-looking step via the exclusive use of efficient LED lighting technology.