Ginyuu Restaurant, Stuttgart

Zooey Braun, Stuttgart

GinYuu GmbH

Ippolito Fleitz Group GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany

Realized 2014

Kent Hahne, successful restauranteur launched the new concept restaurant GinYuu with a pan-Asian Pacific kitchen, lounge concept and cocktail menu.

The room topography is determined by the gastronomic areas reception counter, bar and kitchenette.

With regard to lighting, the guest room is largely determined by decorative lights in the form of large-volume pendant luminaires. The guest subjectively gets the feeling that the pendant luminaires are responsible for the perceived atmosphere of the room and the existing brightness. This is also the case – but not exclusively.

The basic lighting is supplemented by narrow beam light from high glare directional spotlights, which are integrated as inconspicuously as possible into the open technical ceiling.

The generous room height of 4.40m is very helpful here – glances remain in the room and do not wander so quickly to the ceiling. In addition, the ceiling is painted away in the CI color of the GinYuu’s dark purple and the directional spotlights with their short pendant tubes are painted black matt, so that the lights are very visually withdrawn.

All lighting components are controlled automatically via a DALI controller in conjunction with a daylight sensor and timer. Different light scenes are programmed for the day and for the evening.

Those who prefer more seclusion will find it in the separees separated by high wooden filters. The taut ropes in front of the wooden walls in the separees are part of a collage of pan-Asian memory motifs. With the light, we focused on bringing out all these motifs and designed details.