KSP Jürgen Engel Architects, Frankfurt

Constantin Meyer, Cologne

Can-Do GmbH & Co KG

MAB Development Deutschland GmbH

Frankfurt, Germany

Realized 2011

“Nextower” is the name of the high-rise ensemble in the heart of the city of Frankfurt.

With the intention of breathing life, atmosphere and warmth into the lobby of the office building, a subtle video installation will be installed in this space.

The video installation “Frankfurt Faces” shows people in their pure presence, for minutes on end, without sound or background. What is special about these photographs: They are larger-than-life portraits of well-known personalities who come from Frankfurt or work there. Moving portraits of Frankfurt personalities can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the lobby. In the future, passers-by on their way through the Palais Quartier can look forward to seeing E. R. Nele, Peter Kloeppel, Willy Praml, Moses Pelham, Sabrina Setlur, Frank Lehmann, Mario Lohninger and Sonya Krauss up close and at their leisure.

“The work deals with the image of man”.

Faces of people are shown who are used to speaking into the camera and are not doing so now. They stand for themselves and show themselves as they are. Not manipulated, but quite pure. So every viewer can discover something new for himself in these pictures. A person who is different from how he usually presents himself in front of the camera. Who thinks, is completely with himself or for a moment does not know what to do because he is suddenly on his own. In this way, a relationship between the viewed and the viewer can slowly and subtly develop.

At over six meters high and three meters wide, the video wall takes the existing scale of the lobby and sets the scene for the space. The dimensions of the foyer and the video wall are coordinated to create a harmonious overall impression of the perceived space when walking through the foyer.